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Franky Bradley's offers old comforts in new style

May 24, 2015

There are a few routes through the narrow old cluster of Center City streets to find your way to the hidden refuge of the funky new Franky Bradley's. And none of them are pretty.

From trendy 13th Street, you can stroll west down the forlorn Dumpster alley that is Chancellor Street, though a jaunt north from Locust past the backside of a parking garage may be your best approach. That's because the Juniper Street route south from Walnut takes you past a porn shop and a fetid recliner chair left out on the sidewalk steaming over a manhole - unsavory reminders of the red-light district that once defined this neighborhood just southeast of City Hall before it was reinvented into the nightlife nexus now known as "Midtown Village."

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